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About Us

Hi, I am a Mum of two little girls living on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches.  My daughters have always loved wearing gorgeous little dresses but I never liked being able to see their nappies underneath. As my eldest daughter was a late toilet trainer, the older she got the more I found myself out of options.

I searched high and low for options but could only seem to find nappy covers in baby sizes, ones with frills, or colours and patterns that clashed with their dresses. All I needed were three plain colours that I could co-ordinate with the dresses the stores were selling!

By the time my second daughter came along and after speaking to other parents who also had the same dilemma I decided to work with a manufacturer and create Nappy Hiders.  I carefully selected a system of three colours, Icing White, Blush Pink and Pixie Navy that beautifully co-ordinate with all the dresses in their wardrobes.  Nappy Hiders have been created from the softest 100% cotton and the quality is amazing.

I am so excited about Nappy Hiders and hope that they become a staple of your little girls wardrobe!